5 Minutes in the Air & You Are There

In a rush to the airport? Bounce is BLADE’s airport transfer product that enables travelers to book a helicopter between Manhattan and surrounding airports. Your own helicopter, starting at $695.

Trips are approximately 5 minutes in duration, depending on the route. Reservations can be made in as little as 20 minutes.

When booking BOUNCE, you also have the option of booking your flight as a Shared Charter. Your charter price will be lower and your unused seats will be offered to the BLADE community.


Scheduled Service

If you have flexibility with your travels plans, you can now purchase seats for only $195 on any scheduled flight departing Manhattan to JFK. (By the seat service is unavailable for flights returning to Manhattan.)



Bounce flies between Manhattan and all surrounding metropolitan airports, including John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty (EWR), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Teterboro Airport (TEB), and Westchester Airport (HPN). 

When flying to the airport, ground transportation awaits your arrival to take you between your helicopter and your terminal. When flying to Manhattan, an UBER Black car can optionally be awaiting your arrival in the city.

Private Jet Connections

For private jet travel, BLADE will harmonize the helicopter with a traveler’s jet once a user enters their FBO and tail number into the app. We create a seamless experience, landing steps away from their jet so travelers never have to set foot in an FBO.

Additional Information

Please see the BLADE app for prices. Any Bounce scheduled between the hours of 8PM – 8AM will incur an additional fee due to New York City late operation pricing for those hours. Fees vary based upon equipment and landing point. All fees will be confirmed with passenger prior to departure.

If you are late for your BLADE Bounce, there are associated costs detailed in the FAQs.

Airport Addresses

  • JFK Sheltair – Terminal Building, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Joseph Hock Memorial Drive #145, Jamaica, NY 11430
  • Newark Signature Aviation – Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), 15 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114
  • LaGuardia Sheltair – Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Flushing, NY 11371
  • Teterboro & White Plains FBOs – please call 844.359.2523.