Fanea Pool

Fly roundtrip to Miami on BLADEone over Art Basel weekend, or any weekend through April and a room at the Faena Hotel will be included without any additional cost—even on three-day holiday weekends.

You can book on your phone via the BLADE app right now, and in as little as 15 seconds you will be all set for three days and three nights during Art Basel weekend. With one click you will:

  • Helicopter from the BLADE Lounge in Manhattan to the side of the BLADEone jet
  • Fly to Miami landing at the private BLADE Lounge Miami
  • Enjoy a room for three days and nights at the Faena Hotel
  • Fly the BLADEone jet back to New York late-afternoon on Sunday
  • Helicopter back to Manhattan upon landing early evening
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In addition to the above, ground transport will be provided to and from the Faena Hotel for both your arriving and departing BLADEone flights.

The Faena One-Click Weekend truly takes longer to describe, than to book.

Through BLADE’s strategic partnership with the Faena, you will be staying in Miami Beach’s most outstanding hotel property. And yes, it’s complimentary and exclusive to BLADEone flyers.

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