How much luggage can I bring on my flight?

Please visit flyblade.com/luggage to learn about our luggage policies.

Once I’ve booked a seat, can I move to a different flight?

All Flights (Excluding BLADEone)

You can request a switch from one flight to another by calling us at 844.359.2523. A BLADE team member will do their best to accommodate your needs. Please note that there is a $75 change fee for each flight outside of 24 hours of departure time. For flight changes within 24 hours of departure, a $150 change fee applies.


Seats booked on a BLADEone flight may be switched to a different flight up to 7 days prior to your flight time. Once inside the 7 day window, flights cannot be altered unless you can provide a substitute passenger that can purchase your seat. In that instance, you will receive BLADE credit in the amount of your ticket price which may be applied towards future travel. Please note that there is a $25 administrative fee for substituted passengers. Please reference the Operator-Participant Agreement for additional information.

What is your weather policy? What if my flight can’t leave because of weather?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance, you will be notified by Team BLADE via email, text, phone, or in-app notification. You may also see your flight’s status by viewing Your Upcoming Trips.

Please view the latest weather policies at flyblade.com/weather.

Do children need a seat?

Please let us know in advance of any infants you will be traveling with. After checkout you will be able to indicate the number of lap infants you will be traveling with.

On Seaplanes

All infants are required to be in an FAA approved Child Restraint System (car seat). Please visit https://www.faa.gov/passengers/fly_children/ for more information on approved car seats.

On All Other Flights (excluding BLADEone)

If the child you are traveling with is under the age of 2, he or she may sit on your lap for the duration of the flight. If the child is older than 2, they are required by law to have their own seat.

Can my pet travel with me?

Pets under 25lbs are permitted, at BLADE’s discretion.

Dogs must be able to be placed in a carrying bag or sit in a passenger’s lap.

If your pet is a service animal, please contact us at 844.359.2523.

Where do flights depart and arrive? What are the airport addresses?

Visit the app’s All Airports list for a full list of destinations and addresses.

What is BLADE Bounce? What are travel times? Is ground transportation provided?

See blade.flyblade.com/p/bounce for more information about BLADE Bounce.

Or see flyblade.com/bounce-faqs if you booked a Bounce and have questions about coordinating ground transportation, or other pre-flight FAQs.

Why is my Charter still Pending, and not Confirmed yet?

Chartered flights are confirmed in the order they are received. Once your flight has found its place in the queue we will confirm it. Please be patient as we often have high flight volume, and will do our best to confirm your flight as soon as possible.

What is BLADE? How does it work? Do I need a membership?

BLADE is the first digitally driven short distance aviation company.

No membership is required. Just download the BLADE app on iOS or Android, or visit BLADE on your web browser.

Flights can be booked to the most in-demand destinations within seconds. The app allows users to launch their own private charter, crowdsourced charter, or book individual seats on a scheduled flight.

Learn more about BLADE on flyblade.com.

What if I am late for my flight?

CHARTERS: In the event that you are late for your charter, there will be a charge of $250 per 10 minutes the helicopter is spinning, waiting past your scheduled departure time. These costs are derived from a combination of idle time, repositioning costs, and duty hours.

SCHEDULED FLIGHTS: No flights will be held past the time of departure.

How do BLADE Credits work?

Any BLADE credit you receive can be applied towards the price of an individual seat or a crowdsourced flight unless otherwise noted. Credits will be applied at checkout. You may see how much you have accrued in credits by going to your profile in the App. Any credit not used at the end of the season – as posted September of the season purchased – will expire at the end of the Summer season the next calendar year (Labor Day).

How long will it take to get to my destination?

Flight times vary depending on your route. Estimated flight times are indicated during the booking process. After booking, you can view flight information by looking at your app’s Upcoming Flights area.

Please note that flight times are affected by and may be longer than stated due to a number of factors, such as a helicopter’s total load or a seaplane’s headwinds.

Can I leave my car at the airport or helipad?

Parking availability varies based upon location. West 30th Street Heliport & East 34th Street Heliport — nearby parking is available at third-party lots, but not at the heliports themselves. For all other locations, please call 844.359.2523.

Do I need to bring an ID?

All passengers are required to have a valid state ID or passport

What is the difference between a crowdsourced charter and a regular charter?

The main difference is potential savings. By launching a crowdsourced flight, you fly when you want to and have the potential to earn back credits for seats purchased by other users on your flight. Both options offer the same caliber of aviation equipment and highly skilled pilots. When you crowdsource, you must leave at the time you scheduled. We are unable to alter departure times as other people are flying with you.

Are there additional fees that I may incur when I book travel?

There will be additional fees incurred if scheduled travel is to happen before or after normal heliport operating hours. Those hours, as currently posted by the Heliports are:
  • West 30th Street—travel Monday through Friday (7pm-7am) and Saturday & Sunday (7pm -11am) will incur additional fees.
  • East 34th Street—travel Monday thru Friday from 7pm-8pm will incur additional fees.

For more information please call 844.359.2523.

BLADE Bounce
Any BLADE Bounce scheduled between the hours of 7PM – 7AM will incur an additional fee due to New York City late operation pricing for those hours. Fees vary based upon equipment and landing point. All fees will be confirmed with passenger prior to departure.

If you are late for your BLADE Bounce, there are associated costs detailed in the “What if I am late for my BLADE Bounce” section.

Why does BLADE need to know my weight? Is there a weight limit for passengers?

We collect each traveler’s weight so that we can help our operator monitor the total weight load of each flight. This is an FAA regulation that must be met in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those flying with you. There is no defined weight limit per passenger, but there is an overall weight limit and distribution allocated on a per aircraft basis. We strictly adhere to this. BLADE reserves the right to request a traveler change seats, shift flight times or purchase additional seats due to these regulations. This is an FAA regulation that must be met in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those flying with you.

How does the BLADE referral code program work? (no longer active)

Due to unprecedented demand, BLADE’s referral program is no longer active. Please expect to receive communications regarding opportunities for unique BLADE experiential activations as well as high value aviation opportunities as they become available.

I have an allergy, can I still fly?

If you have any allergies to food, animals, or otherwise, please let us know so that we can create the perfect flying experience for you. Contact us at 844.359.2523.

Does BLADE operate as an air carrier? Does BLADE own the aircraft I’m flying on?

BLADE does not own, operate or fly the aircraft. The BLADE technology is integrated with the fleet and pilots of DOT & FAA licensed carriers for its helicopter, seaplane, and jet operations.

All Flights (Excluding BLADEone)

Fly Blade, Inc. is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All Flights arranged by BLADE are currently operated by various operators including Liberty Helicopter, Zip Aviation, Analar, Lima and Fly The Whale, Lima NY Corp./Tailwind, Altius Aviation, Tropic, Wall Street Helicopters, CFM, Sundance, Mountain West, HFS, Helo Management and other DOT licensed operators. For flights to any destination that are charters of the entire aircraft capacity, BLADE acts as the agent of the customer.


Fly Blade, Inc. is not a direct air carrier. Fly Blade acts as an indirect air carrier for public charter flights from New York to Miami, with charter flights operated by CFM or other qualified airlines. Please reference the Operator-Participant Agreement for additional information. In addition, for flights to any destinations that are charters of the entire aircraft capacity, Blade acts as the agent of the customer.