Introducing BLADE.

The BLADE app offers you the ability to simply purchase a single seat or launch your own crowdsourced flight on helicopter travel between Manhattan and the Hamptons.

BLADE technology works with Liberty Helicopters, Inc., one of the largest and most-respected helicopter air carriers in the Northeast.



Liberty’s twin-engine, two-pilot cabin class Dauphin aircraft provides our passengers faster flight times, a quieter ride and enhanced legroom.

How does BLADE work?

Pick a flight

Search the flights that are on the app, find a time that works for you and grab a seat. Three taps and you're all set for a trip that will have you lying on the beach or back at your desk in 30 minutes.

Fly at the time you want

If the current listings of charter flights aren't convenient for you, launch your own crowdsourced charter flight and leave when you want. Offer any seats you don't need back into the the BLADE community.

Get there, no matter what

When you purchase seat(s) or crowdsource your own flight through BLADE, you will always get to your destination --- no matter what the weather. If your flight is grounded due to inclement weather, through our ALL WEATHER GUARANTEE POWERED BY MASERATI, a Quattroporte will be on standby to ensure you get to where you need to be safely and comfortably - for free. You will also receive flight credits in your BLADE account which can be used towards future travel.

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